Should you say yes to that event?

Have you ever received an invite or an opportunity to speak at, attend, or participate in an event, retreat, or mastermind - and then had a really hard time deciding whether to say yes or no?

In this episode we’ll share our own personal experiences with deciding whether to commit to an event or other opportunity. Because honestly, it’s not always a super easy decision to make.

Points Discussed in this Episode
  • The boxes that need to be checked right off the bat in order for an opportunity to even be a possibility 
  • Considering what chapter of life and/or business you’re in 
  • What is the value of attending a particular event, retreat, or mastermind to you? 
  • Intimate retreat versus a huge conference… How is the experience different?
  • How the pandemic and virtual events have changed conference-goers expectations
  • How big a consideration is the monetary investment? The time investment?
  • How family plays a role in your decision-making process
  • What exactly are you committing to if you say yes? And remember, it’s OK to say no!

Thank you so much for joining us for this episode where we share our own experiences answering the question: Should you say yes to that event?

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Should you say yes to that event?
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