How did Nicole’s team retreat turn out?

In our last episode on the podcast we shared our own personal experiences hosting retreats - and specifically how Nicole has been planning for the team retreat her and Omar just finished hosting! In this episode Nicole is sharing all: a complete recap of their team retreat, including what went well, and her biggest lessons learned!

Points Discussed in this Episode
  • Overall recap: How did the retreat go?! 
  • Diving into the things that “could have gone wrong”, like travel and delays, last-minute emergencies, jet lag… 
  • How the location and resort was, including food, amenities, etc.
  • Main highlights of the retreat: what went really great?
  • The schedule and itinerary: mixing team-building and excursions 
  • What didn’t go so well?
  • The #1 reason everything went so smoothly 
  • Nicole’s biggest takeaway from the retreat

Mentioned in this episode: 

Thank you so much for joining us for this episode where Nicole shared how her team retreat turned out!

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How did Nicole’s team retreat turn out?
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