Special Feature: Michele Hansen on toxic positivity

Toxic positivity isn’t a term many people are familiar with - us included. First Michele introduced Nicole to the idea, and then Nicole introduced Kate to it. 

In this episode we’re removing all barriers to discuss how social pressures are preventing us from validating our own - and others - emotions, along with the toll it’s taking on our overall well being.

Points Discussed in this Episode
  • What is toxic positivity exactly? 
  • All emotions are valid; to deny yourself certain emotions just makes things worse
  • Intentional vulnerability and how empathy plays a huge role 
  • Michele shares some examples of toxic positivity
  • How social media plays a role
  • How much of your personal life belongs in your online brand?
  • The importance of self-empathy and being able to move through an emotion versus pushing it away
  • Recognizing activities in your life or business that drain you

Mentioned in this episode: 
Deploy Empathy: A practical guide to interviewing customers
Geocod.io: Michele’s business

Thank you so much for joining us for this special feature episode with Michele Hansen on toxic positivity!

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Special Feature: Michele Hansen on toxic positivity
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