Nicole & Kate plan their trip to Tokyo, Japan

We’re both ecstatic because we have a girls trip coming up - that we’re going on together! That’s right, friends… Nicole and Kate are jet-setting to Tokyo to meet up with our third mastermind member, Cass, for a week of relaxation, fun, business brainstorming, and exploring.

In this episode we’ll share our own personal experiences with planning this trip: the intention behind it, how we sorted out all the details, and so much more!

Points Discussed in this Episode
  • Setting the intention and having a vision for your trip 
  • Being clear about what you want to get out of your trip
  • Planning sessions and keeping track of ideas, places, and things you want to see (we love Google Sheets!) 
  • Sharing your budget and getting on the same page about boundaries and what your routines are
  • Delegating certain research points and holding one another accountable
  • Determining milestone decisions to keep the planning moving 

Thank you so much for joining us for this episode where we share our own experiences answering the question: Nicole & Kate plan their trip to Tokyo, Japan

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Nicole & Kate plan their trip to Tokyo, Japan
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